Blue Marble 7-piece Dice Set

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A standard 16mm (5/8" diameter) 7-piece Role Playing Dice Set featuring the following dice: 1x 4-sided (d4), 1x 6-sided (d6), 1x 8-sided (d8), 1x 10-sided #0-9 (d10), 1x 10-sided #00-90 (d10 10's), 1x 12-sided (d12), and 1x 20-sided (d20). Use these for your favorite games or as unique educational aids! Comes in a variety of colors and styles -- please see item title for these details.

Technical Details

- 16mm=5/8 inch
- This is a set of 7 dice great for your favorite game or teaching math.
- Compare to name-brand dice and save!
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